KAKANIN by Dulceria Maria

Kakanin is a term for Filipino pastries
       made out of sweet rice or rice flour or cassava or corn
                    with coconut milk and sugar.

Filipino Macaroons



UBE (Halaya)


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  1. hi gghie, love your fried VegGhie Spring rolls. i made it but used singkamas(hikama) instead of bean sprouts and did not put noodles.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you like it. I love jicama. It works with fresh lumpia as well.

  3. hi gghie, i saw your puto recipe, i think i will try it next time. i made the manapla style with banana leaves but its not as soft as manapla puto. what did i do wrong? i used the recipe in the box.

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