Hi I'm Gghie!

I'm a Mom of two beautiful children.
A wife to a great husband who loves anything I feed him.

In College I studied in the Conservatory of Music
and my major was in Voice.
Yes, I can sing and I am a teacher.
Why am I no longer doing that?
I became a Mother and a Wife,
and I discovered the of love cooking.

I can't believe I am saying this,
but the kitchen is where I belong.

I own Dulceria Maria, a filipino pastry business.

I'm not a chef, I just love to cook.
I am not a photographer, I am just in love with my camera.

And I just love to stalk my subjects - my kids!!! I'm not a jetsetter,
 I just love to go and discover beautiful places with my family.
All of these for a pauper's budget!

I can help my family, friends, and some strangers find great recipes,
I hope to give everyone some inspiration in the kitchen.
And with the photos I take,
I hope to share the beautiful places we have been to,
 and share the good eats of each trip.

Recipes on my blog are both inspired by great chefs, bakers, cooks,
and of course, my family and friends.

Thanks to The Red Apron blog
 my husband is having the time of his life
being the taste tester in the kitchen. 


  1. Hi Gghie, It's Kristen from St. James moms group. I love your blog. How fun! I, too, became obsessed with food and photography. I've always loved food and have been surrounded by great cooks since I was little, but during my maternity leave I watched tons of Food Network and Cooking channel and since then our kitchen hasn't been the same. I love combining the new foodie things I learn with my travels across Europe and my childhood favorites to make fun new recipes and fun variations/twists that make them my own. The only thing I haven't loved was my espresso panna cotta (similar to Giada De Laurentiis's recipe). I think it was the texture. eeeewww!!!I also love to make all of my daughter's food. I feel that no formula and no store-bought food has been soooo great for her. Anyway, thanks for sharing your time and talents! :)

    1. Hi Kristen! So sorry for the late reply.
      We should get together and try some recipes sometime.
      I will help you out with the Panna Cotta.
      I'm excited for our Europe trip next summer, would love to visit small villages and learn new recipes and share them here with you.

  2. Hi Gghie, do you still live in the Philippines? I used to, now I'm in the land of milk and honey as they say :) I love to bake too and I enjoy reading your blog. I only discovered it now and I'm so happy I did.

    1. Hi Elajr@
      Sorry for the very late reply. I haven't been blogging much because of my very busy schedule.
      No, I don't leave in the Philippines anymore.
      I now reside permanently in the US for the past 20+ years.
      Keep on baking!!!

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  5. A kiss from France (Sylvie - a souvenir from Panorama City)....
    I wish you the best my beautiful Gghie,


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