Monday, May 25, 2015


"On this Memorial Day, we honor the sacrifices of prior generations.
We honor the sacrifices of the men and women next door who have served
or continue to serve our country.
And we pledge never to forget the true meaning of Memorial Day."

Triple Berry Tart
(recipe will follow soon)
Memorial Day, was originally called Decoration Day,
it's a day Americans remember those
who have died in service of the United States of America.
It is always observed on the last day of May.
Cemeteries across the country is grace with flowers and flags
for the departed.
Memorial Day,
now ingrained as the start of the summer season.
For some of us,
it is sometimes easy to forget what Memorial Day
actually means while lounging by the pool, the lake, or the beach
 on this three-day weekend. 
I am hoping that while we are enjoying the company of our friends and family,
we remember what this holiday truly means.
That this is a solemn day of remembrance,
 of those who have died serving our beloved country.
The drive to the lake is always a calming sight.
Relaxing time at the lake. 
Finger lickin' treats for our Memorial Day Celebration.
Burgers on the grill, ribs and Chinese Coleslaw with Almonds.
Here's a tip:
Dress up your plastic containers by wrapping a bandana around it.
This will save you from breaking those beautiful dishware
and this will be a great conversation piece as well.
Sweet Corn Guacamole (Just like CPK's)

My husband's Filipino Pork BBQ on a stick ( sorry can't share the recipe)

Bringing beach balls to the lake is not enough,
I found this 3 in 1 Lawn Games Set
(Ladderball, Bean Bag Toss, and Lawn Disc)
 it always brings great fun to kids, and the adults as well.
You know that your child had so much fun
when he comes back looking like this.
With my teen,
she's content reading on her electronic gadget
under a shady tree.

The best looking canoe at the lake.

Can never get enough of the sand.


Watching these gorgeous birds is not a bad way to end the day.
I hope you had a relaxing weekend,
just like we did.

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