Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Voted one of the world's best beaches.
A beauty indeed.
Magens Bay is a beautiful one mile stretch of public beach.
Donated to the Virgin Islands by Arthur Fairchild.

This stretch of beautiful white sand and crystal clear water beach should be
voted as one of the best kid friendly beach as well.
The bay deepens gradually, makes it perfect for children.
We chose to come on days that there were no cruise ship in port,
for this is quite a popular beach for tourist.

The water was always calm,
just perfect for the little swimmers and not so strong swimmer as I am.
Some enjoy to just float around,
with a cocktail on one hand,
 I simply enjoyed listening to the soothing sound
of the water hitting the beach,
watching the pelicans dive to feed,
others rented a paddle board, some kayaks, and sunfish.

A rental booth is available at the property.
You can also rent beach chairs, snorkeling gear, and floats.
And if your tummy needs to be filled, there's burgers, pizza, and other snacks,
and cocktails at the concession.
A waitress usually comes at the beach to take food or drink orders.
For souvenirs, there's a gift shop next to the concession,
where you can have your hair braided for a fee.

Of course, the trip to the island won't be complete without my coconut.
I was happy to learn that there was a coconut vendor
 a.k.a. Coconut Man
just right outside of the gate across the ticket booth.
If you see him, go and hurry,
because as soon as he runs out of his coconuts he is gone for the day.

Unlike Coki Beach,
there's not much fish to see when you snorkel along the beach.
You will have to go to the rocky area in both ends of the beach to enjoy snorkeling.
But if you're as lucky like us,
you will be able to swim with a sea turtle just a few feet from the beach.
Magens Bay is a habitat for sea turtles, conch, and other marine species.

My Husband trying to get a close look at the Sea Turtle feeding.

I Captured this image with my Go Pro Black 3.

There's ample parking, picnic tables, and picnic areas with bbq grills.
A good amount of showers in and outside of the restrooms.
For those who love camping,
 Magens Bay offers a safe overnight camping
on this beautiful beach which you can extend to 2 nights, 3 days.
This beach is a definite,
on everyone's travel list.

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Entrance Fee: 
                                                    Locals                Non-residents:
            Adults -                            $2.00                       $4.00
            Children over 13              $2.00                       $2.00
            Children under 12/           Free                        Free
            Elderly/handicapped        Free                        Free   
            Vehicle Parking               $2.00                       $2.00
Beach Chairs:                             $5.00
Kayak  (per hour)                        $25.00 double          $20 single
Paddleboats (per hour)               $30
Sunfish (per hour)                       $35
Lifeguards on duty
Taxis are available in the property

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