Monday, October 14, 2013

UP Movie Themed party

Special Thanks to my awesome cousin Clint who made my Little Aiden's day
by editing this photo with Russell.

I had about a week and a half to get this party ready.
It started as a small family get together and became a much larger party
when my 4 year old decided to invite his neighborhood friends
and classmates.
My Little Taz has been looking forward to turning 5,
so to celebrate his BIG BOY Party,
he asked for an "UP"  themed party.
For a couple of years now he has been wanting this theme for his party,
and I have not done it
because there is no "UP" merchandise on the market.
So like any good Moms out there I gave in.
I did my research and came up with a few ideas.
Thanks to my blogger friends for some great ideas shared.
I only had 2 hours to set-up at the Clubhouse before the party started,
didn't plan my time well,
guests started arriving before I was able to take proper photos of our birthday set-up.
I was busy entertaining,
 and that was the least of my concerns.
So I hope you still appreciate the "Point and Shoot" photos we took.

Our handwritten invitation with Aiden's UP artwork.
Yes, he drew the house and balloons.
He draws the same picture over and over everyday.

I asked Aiden to draw the same house and balloons on the Menu.
I purchased the house from a popular Home store and bought acrylic paint and painted it.
It took about an hour to finish it.
No sweat. 

Made Strawberry, and vanilla cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.

 Chocolate cupcake with ganache and chocolate frosting.

Chocolate-dipped Marshmallows, bought flag stickers at a popular craft store.

Cut out clouds from a poster board and the blue backdrop is a $0.99 vinyl table cover.
The photo does not show the exact color. 

I bought these daisy lids for the Mason Jars a couple years ago.
Finally had a reason to use it.
Got paper straws from the same Home store.
The Thirst Quencher dispensers were a great find when I was still living in California.
 Bought from an after season sale for $4.98 each,
at a store with a Red Bulls-eye logo. ;)

So happy with this frosting work.
NO,  that is not fondant!
Carl, Russell, and Dug toys were found from a contact in NJ that orders it
from a toy maker in Germany.
This set  was my big purchase $36. + shipping.

 Please make UP themed toys now.
You're making a lot of toddlers really sad.

A very happy birthday young man getting ready to cut his cake.
Helping him is my always ready to help awesome friend.
Thanks for all the help Bing!!!

Found an old luggage for $5 at Salvation Army,
filled it with party favors.
To make the banner hanging on the luggage,
I printed the UP themed prints I found online and glued it on a twine.
For our party favor bags,
 same prints were glued to brown lunch bags with labels saying
"Thank You! - Aiden"
Notice the drawing Little Taz inserted in the luggage.
Didn't see that until I edited the pictures. LOL!
Aiden's photo with Russell displayed at the table.

Had the kids pick what they wanted from the party favors.

Printed out labels using just Microsoft Word for the water bottles.

Hanged the Mexican Cut-out Banners I purchased from my Texas trip last year.

For our table centerpieces,
I used the prizes for the games and tied balloons on it.
I had crayons, paper, markers, UP print-outs and glues on all tables for the guests to keep themselves busy.
When guests arrived,
 I set the presents they brought for the birthday boy on the table in addition to the centerpieces.

 Guests that came on time keeping themselves busy
with the art supplies I set on the table while I finished preparing the food.

Played Sack Race

We could not hang a piƱata at the clubhouse so I opted for "Popping the Balloons".
My husband filled the balloons with coins and dollar bills.

Not too happy with the popping. ;)

Put the Nose on the Clown was quite a hit.

 The best game of all times, MUSICAL CHAIRS!
Never gets old.

A refreshment break after running around and playing games with friends.

The table were a I had all the food set up.
This was taken after the party.
I bought an inexpensive banner,
printed out letters that spelled ADVENTURE AWAITS, cut it out, and glued onto the banner.
The globe was one of his presents from us.





  1. Looks like everyone had great fun! You definitely did an excellent job in organizing the themed party. Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

  2. Hi Gghie,

    I have planned your boy's UP party so well! I bet he must be feeling more than just VERY HAPPY :D


  3. Superb idea! I really loved the decoration and the innovative ideas to put together the UP theme. I am also planning to host a party for my nephew in one of the finest LA venue, and having a themed party would definitely be an amazing idea. Thanks for sharing. This was really helpful.

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