Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Water Fun @ KALAHARI Resorts

Oh Boy!
Has it been Hot!
Not only Hot but Humid too!

If you are like me that loves to play in the water especially on a hot summer day,
but would rather do it away from the sun's harmful rays, an Indoor Waterpark would be a perfect place for you.
We have never heard of an indoor waterpark before,
but all that change when we moved to the Midwest.
Whoever thought of this idea is very clever!!!

Kalahari Resorts in Ohio
provides us with unlimited water fun during the hot humid summer days.
About a 2 hour drive from where we are at in Michigan.
Unlike the Kalahari Dessert in South Africa,
there is no sandy savannah at the Kalahari Resorts.
No dry lakes here.
Kalahari Resorts is America's largest waterpark under one roof,
all 173, 000 of it.

Kalahari, has an Outdoor Waterpark, and an Outdoor Adventure Park,
where our kids can bravely experienced zip riding the 200-400 ft. Zipline over 60 ft. in the air,
you can balance and walk the three level Rope Course- Sky Trail Adventure,
spanning over 750 feet of African-themed ropes adventure.
You can test your upper-body strength
by climbing 2 32 foot high custom Climbing Wall.
My daughter did climbed this climbing wall the first time we visited the park,
and opted out this time.

A visit to their Safari Adventures Animal Park was fun for my little Taz.
The kids enjoyed the camel ride, but did not go on the pony ride.
Of course, who can pass up a photo op with the cute giraffe.
You can have your photo taken with "Binny Roo" Baby Kangaroo,
the 14 ft. Albino Burmese Python named "Lemon",
 and of course "Sinbad" the camel.

I will be posting my review on the hotel itself, as soon as I get my photos in order.

For now,
 enjoy the ones I have posted.
And maybe I'll see you at Kalahari next year. ;)

Oh and yeah ... Tons of TOWELS are provided, just bring on a sunscreen, your swim outfit, goggles perhaps and your brave self to go on those thrilling rides.
And of course, your WALLET for those drinks you won't be able to pass on.



Kalahari's Leopard's Lair

Take a whirl and get flushed down into a frenzied vortex out into the cool waters below.

Foam platform you can balance on while crossing the pool,
hang on that net real well or we'll be hearing a big splash!
Shoot hoops in the water at Shooting star
Wave Pool

Relaxing at the LAZY RIVER

Lockers are available for rent for $6 with a $9 deposit.

Lifevests for the Wee Ones are provided

Lifeguards in every corner.




Rhett ziplining

Daughter up zip lining as high as the hotel (6th floor).

 Yup! Hubby is in with the fun too!
One of the two 32 ft.Climbing Wall

Outdoor Bungalows are available for rent, both inside and outside waterparks.
If a lot of the Bungalows and Cabanas are not being used, they start marking them down to about $60 less.

Little Taz' never ending water fun.

The only things you need for the wee ones, well your wallet too! :)

The 32-40 oz. (not sure) cocktail - $30 each.
Refills are $19.95.

Kalahari Executives Photo shoot
The Best Job ever!
 In a work shirt and tie with Swim shorts.
Activity Hut for the Kids
Kids can get airbrush tattoos, paint, color and hula hoop.
Entertained by Acrobats from Tanzania

Hmmmm ... I need to practice on my bottle balancing skills.

Kids ... don't try this at home!
Kids can do arts & crafts at the activity hut.
They also have free temporary airbrush tattoos for those very cool kids.

Lunch at
Lunch at the Zanzi Bar Grill at the Outdoor Park

I was craving for rice and Asian food,
my lunch was a very Spicy Schezuan Stir-fry Beef and Vegetables.

My daughter's lunch, a very safe grilled cheese. LOL!
I'm like ... really???

If you ever decide to go ...
Have a lot of Fun!!!


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