Monday, June 3, 2013

My Mostly Edible Garden

Perennials are back and Annuals are planted.
I enjoy gardening, its so therapeutic.
It relaxes the mind.

I don't have a big garden just a small but useful garden.
Most of the things I usually plant are edible. Mostly, herbs.
I have added garlic and potatoes this year. My garden also has onions and peppers.
And yes, flowers, some flowers are edible.

Why do I plant herbs?

First it's easy to plant them, it works almost as well indoors as they do outside.
Secondly, monetary savings, we all know herbs are expensive.
And third, time saving, just walk out the backyard, no need to drive.
Fourth,  the best part is I know it's pesticide free.We all know that pesticides harm our bodies.
Lastly, together with different kinds of spices, herbs can perk up flavor to any dish without adding salt.

My tomatoes give me a lot of fruit all throughout the summer.
I use them on my salads and sauces.
Last year, my tomatoes gave me an abundance of fruit until late fall.

I got a little surprise this year, I'm not sure how the Spearmint got to my garden but I was surprised when it grew on top of my Thyme.


Move the spearmint to a pot,
my friend from the nursery told me it will overpower my garden.

The squirrels and bunnies love to share my cilantro, parsley and pepper leaves.
So I suggest, planting them in pots, and setting them where they can't be easily reach.

CHIVES blossoms can be used whenever a light onion flavor is desired 
Yes, CHIVES has flowers!!!

SPEARMINT growing on top of my THYME.


GARLIC. Yes, I am growing garlic in my yard!
OREGANO came back this year and healthy.

Tomatoes have flowers now and hopefully fruits soon.




BASIL so lush. Time to make some pasta sauce.

Yup, this hanging STRAWBERRY planter does work!

Strawberry pot I got from my son's Pre-school's teacher for being the official photographer for the class.

 My EDIBLE flower choices this year are:


 VIOLAS have a sweet perfumed flavor to them, they are a great addition to your salads. 
Daylilies can be added to salad, or can add sweetness to your soup and vegetable dishes. It is know that the Chinese use them as painkillers.


IMPATIENS have a sweet flavor to it. Can be use as garnish in salad or drinks.

INEDIBLE extras (purely decorative only):

LOBELLA/Lobelia on the other hand are purely decorative.

Tulips all gone, Hostas and are back.
Columbine and Cheddar pinks were added this year.
The Columbine leaves are very poisonous but the flowers were eaten as a condiment by native of North Americans
 but I wouldn't be testing it though.
A hummingbirds favorite.
Cheddar Pinks are hardy perennials.

ACORNS on trees ... Happy squirrels!

The Evergreens are lush and so green. ;)

 Got enough PINECONES to make my Christmas wreathes.


  1. Hey The Red Apron! I am still blogging just have a new site. Come check it out!

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

    1. You do! I better check it out now.
      I was wondering why you were so quiet. LOL!!!

  2. Something must be really wrong with my basil and chive plants....I love your garden, so well taken care and blooming!

    1. Angie, I mixed 1/2 part Moisture control Miracle Grow Potting mix to 1/2 part Moisture control Garden Soil.
      Try that.
      The best time to water is in the morning too.
      My chives came back from last year.


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