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FRANKENMUTH, MICHIGAN a taste of Bavarian Hospitality

For Father's Day I asked my husband if he wanted to do anything special.
As always, I got his sweet response, "We'll do what ever makes you happy."
Me? It's your special day. 
He responded, "It makes me happy when you are happy."
So I made it easier for him, a choice of ... BBQ at the house
or we go out and have a fun day somewhere close 
to recharge.
So my loving husband opted to have a day trip. 
In 2009,
we visited this little town about an hour away from where we live, 
called Frankenmuth.
We fell in love with this quaint town. 
So here we are again enjoying another beautiful sunny day.
Frankenmuth is the Little Bavaria of Michigan.
Rich in beauty and culture.
A perfect place to retreat, recharge, renew and refresh from the busy city life.
You can take your family on a horse-drawn carriage and tour this small town beauty.  
Stroll and walk across the covered bridges.
It is similar to Solvang in California.
But there are 3 things you won't find in Solvang that you can only experience in Frankenmuth,
Frankenmuth has Zehnder's,
the Bavarian Inn
with their delicious world famous chicken dinners.
Moist in the inside, crunchy in the outside but not oily.
And to add to all that yumminess, both places have hotels where you can stay with your family and enjoy a day with your kids splashing around their indoor waterpark.
Frankenmuth is also the home of  the Food Network's Cupcake Wars
winner SUGAR HIGH.

The first time we tasted their cupcakes,
I knew it was sure a winner.
I especially love the Cherry Cheesecake cupcake.
Cheesecake and Cupcake all in one will always be a winner in my book!

And last but not the least,
this is where you can find
 Bronner's Christmas Wonderland,
the biggest Christmas Store open all year round.
A size of one and a half football fields with over 50,000 trims and gifts.
You can find Christmas decorations here from all over the world.
I even found some from the Philippines.
If you love taking photos, Frankenmuth is definitely the place where you'll have most fun taking stills
of the simple joys of life.
Click on any photo to view our Photo Gallery

Liver Pate and Garlic Spread on Toast

Zehnder's World famous Chicken Dinner

Mouth full of his delicious chicken dinner.

Admiring the giant chicken topiary ;)

Inside Zehnder's

Bavarian Inn Hotel and Restaurant
Texting while on break from his work at the Bavarian Inn

enjoying one of many Head Cut-out Photo Boards


Another Welcome sign amongst many

On our way to cross one of the covered bridges
Holz Brücke (Wooden Bridge)


Bavarian Inn's Glockenspiel Tower houses an illuminated clock, all imported from Germany.
On the tip of the tower are these magnificent 35-bell carillon.
Below the bells,  at Noon, 3p.m., 6p.m., and 9p.m. each day
 the Glockenspiel plays several selections which are immediately followed by figurine movement
depicting the legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln.

As much as I want to I don't want any interruptions from technology,
 but I can never stop these junkies. LOL!!!
Miniature version of the Holz Brucke

Our favorite Bakery in Frankenmuth

Huh? What diet????!!!!

My Favorite Cherry Cheesecake Cupcake

Congratulations Sugar High!

Beautiful Lilies in the pond.

We were told he was a winner in a Dog Show. Cute!

Time for some shopping!

There's Trouble alright!!!

I wanted to pick this adorable chairs and put it in my trunk.
Hubby had to stop me.

This would be a perfect breakfast buffet cart or bar for parties.

Won't be complete if I didn't take a shot of another town clock.

What are these you say? They are Hats!

I love this store, beautiful things for almost nothing.

Add caption

Emilie B's did not disappoint, hubby bought me a dress. His Father's Day gift for me. LOL!

watching his silly son pretending to be Harry Styles from One Direction

He loves to pretend he is Harry Styles from One Direction.
Crazy over the group.


Funny Liquid soap I was tempted to buy.

Father and Son playing checkers inside Humor Us Gift Shop

Enjoying the silly mirror.

Yes, Michigan makes it's own Olive Oil too.

another Yummy place for Crepes.
Can't resist to take a shot! ;)

Yup! Got to check that social networking site again.

Father and Son enjoying the view of the river.
Can I go on that?!!! ... Sorry, No not today buddy!





A Miniature Fantasy Village outside of the Bavarian Inn.



More Cut out Cardboard photo-op.

Bronner's Winter Wonderland


Over 50,000 trims and gifts




Talking to the Detroit tiger. LOL!

Maybe next year I'll change my Christmas Theme to a Food theme.

Ornament from the Philippines made out of Capiz Shells from the Island I grew up in.





Personalized Hand painted Ornaments are done on the premises.

I hope you enjoyed our day trip.
Now get on planning,
and discover one of the beautiful places in

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