Sunday, May 5, 2013

EASTERN MARKET DETROIT, America's Oldest Continously Operating Market

Another sunny spring day at the Midwest.
What a treat after a long winter season!

We hear a lot about the Eastern Market in Detroit,
so we thought this would be a perfect day to go out and head over to the East today.

When we got there we drove around the area first,
looked for parking
and found one immediately.

Eastern Market is America's oldest continuously operating market today.
It is a six-block public market full of local produce,
pasture and grass-fed meat, greenery, homemade locally produced products,
 and snacks.

Eastern Market has been feeding Metro Detroit since 1891.
It is in the historic commercial district about a mile and a half away from the city's downtown.
A vibrant neighborhood surrounded by shops and great restaurants and bars.
Street performers entertain shoppers and vendors,
 reminded us of the 3rd Street Promenade Farmer's Market in Santa Monica in California. For a moment, I thought I was back in L.A.

Eastern Market is truly a foodie's heaven. Gourmet and exotic are both found here.
Antique shops, clothing boutiques, pottery, arts and crafts shops
 line the street behind the sheds.
It is truly a shopper's world.

I suggest to bring cash, and a wagon or a folding shopping cart with you
 when you come here.
You will be needing more than 2 hands for all those shopping bags
you'll be hauling back home.






 Can't resist the smell of fresh baked bread.
We got some chocolate filled croissants and a French baguette for dinner.



Stopped at an Antique Shop behind Shed 4

Just had to try out this cute bistro chair. Too bad we don't have room for this at home. 
I wanted to take this ice cream maker home,
my husband was giving me the "Are you out of your mind" look.

Lunch at one of the food trucks outside Sheds 3 and 4.
Decided on El Guapo Grill.
Finally found a food truck that can compare to the food trucks in Los Angeles.
The Braised Beef Taco is a must order!!!
Last bite!!!


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  1. Beautiful Pictures!
    I love Farmer's Markets and Food trucks.


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