Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CHARLEVOIX the Beautiful

As promised,
I am re-posting some of my favorite trips of all time.
I hope you will be able to find your perfect family vacation this year like we did.
It takes lots of research in planning for the right vacation for a family with little kids.
Here's one we took last year of a beautiful place we never knew existed
especially when you mention that it is in Michigan.
When you say Michigan, the first thing comes to mind is Detroit.
 we are discovering that there is more to Michigan than just Detroit.

After getting back from vacation,
I am exhausted, and have just been resting
and gaining back some energy to get back to normal routine.
This was an activity filled vacation.
Not just a lounge around the beach kinda vacation.

It was Love at First Sight for my husband and I when we visited Charlevoix last year.
We stayed at the beautiful Inn at Bay Harbor at the neighboring town Petoskey.

This year we decided to rent a house at the lake.
I found a great cabin just perfect for my family and my cousin Pam's family who shared the house with us.
The owner Lizz is just the sweetest and most helpful.
She had the house fully stocked down to bug spray and sunblock lotion.
All you need to bring are your clothes and groceries.
I even went home with clean clothes,
thanks to her washer/dryer all I needed was to put the clothes away when we got back.
The kids especially enjoyed S'mores night.
And of course their own little hideaway,
the loft where they all slept.
The basement had a Ping-Pong table Foosball, Television and some games.
If you come with a pet,
the backyard is fully fenced and she even has dog crates in the basement.

With the ages of our children,
the beach is the only fun place to take them for now. 
The only place where we won't hear the two ugly words ... "I'M BORED!"
My husband and I want to visit family in Europe,
but I guess that will be a separate trip with no kids in tow.
So for now,
here's our little version of Europe in our new home State
... Pure Michigan.

Charlevoix truly lived up to it's name

It's the Little Europe of the North.
Rolling hills full of beautiful wildflowers, a Lavender Hill, a Sunflower field,
Marina filled with million dollar yachts and sailboats.
Beautiful crystal clear water lakes, whitesand beaches.
People on their bikes. Beautiful Homes built by Earl Young.
Beautiful weather, great tan,
and of course, delicious food.

The next few days,
I will be sharing with you the rest of the gorgeous sights
 from other neighboring beautiful places we've been to.

Flower Fields
Lavender Hill Farm 
So fragrant but definitely buzzing with millions of bees. Hubby had to stay in the car because of his allergies with bee stings.

Doesn't this remind you of the movie Under the Tuscan Sun?
Don't exactly know which town it was,
my husband woke me up from my nap while driving on our way to the vineyards.
What a way to wake up!
As you can see my eyes are all swollen from the nap.
But hey, I don't mind if the photo background is this gorgeous.

Took tons of photos of my daughter of "whom I should not show her face" at the acres of rolling hills filled with these beautiful wildflowers.

 We went Sailing.

Hubby & son helping out with the sail
$6.5 million House for sale with 2 boat garages.
This house was featured at HGTV.
Sailing Lessons for kids

The Belvedere Club Cabanas

Jumped off the sailboat and swam. Little Taz not too happy.
My kids enjoying the whitesand beach with their little cousin Paige

Crystal Clear water


Walked around downtown and stopped by for some ice cream and a sample taste of Murdick's fudge.

            photo credit: Whitney's Oyster Bar
Had a delicious dinner here. Kudos to the chef.
Everyone in our party was quite happy with what they had for dinner.
Great view of the Marina from the upper level of the building.

 HOMES built by Earl Young

Hobbit Home

Mushroom Home

And here's a shot I took of the beautiful view
 that everyone that lives in the northwest coastline 
enjoys every night at sundown.

Have a great time!!!
For the House Rental contact Lizz:  615 410 1114

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  1. What a beautiful place! I love to visit all the Earl Young Homes.
    Definitely adding this one on the list.
    Thanks for sharing.


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