Sunday, February 17, 2013

Anniversary Dinner @ Genji Japanese Steakhouse

Happy Anniversary Husband!

I am so lucky to have married
the Man that every parents would want their child to marry.
And I'm sure my Mom and my Father-in-law in heaven had something to do with us finding each other.

For our Anniversary dinner we were looking for a good restaurant to go to.
Not a lot of selection really here in Michigan.
One of the things I miss in Los Angeles.
So we were so excited when I heard that Wolfgang Puck has a restaurant at the MGM Casino & Hotel.

That excitement didn't last long.
When he called to make a reservation, found out that the restaurant had closed.
Closed!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Really? Closed?!!!

So finally, we both decided to just try the new restaurant that just opened.
We read a few reviews and it was all good.
But of course, I can never rely on the reviews.
Mother's Day last year was a disaster.
We relied on the reviews on a restaurant in Ann Arbor,
and when we got there it was just the worst dining experience.

I haven't given a restaurant a review since I have moved here in Michigan.
The reason is ... My Mom ... she always reminded me, if you have nothing good to say,
keep it to yourself, to avoid hurting others.
Same way, with giving reviews to a restaurant,
I would hate that my bad review would be the cause of a restaurants closing.
But today, I am.
I am quite excited that I actually found a good restaurant in my neighborhood.
I don't have to go to other neighborhing cities just to eat out.

Let's talk about Genji Japanese Steakhouse, the restaurant of choice for our Anniversary.
The fact that this restaurant that just opened,
I give this restaurant, 

Genji is an upscale Japanese restaurant, with a full service bar, sushi bar, and teppanyaki tables.
It is not just a Japanese Restaurant, it also serves an array of Asian cuisine from Thai cuisine to Vietnamese cuisine.
The dishes we had were delicious. I would recommend the Pa nang, and the Papaya Salad is light and refreshing.
The Hostess, took our coats and seated us promptly. She actually asked us where we would feel comfortable sittting. And I like that.
The Service is great. We had a friendly server and she catered to us well.

Why just 3 1/2 stars?
Well, the servers need to learn more about the menu. which is understandable, they just opened and still getting to the groove of things.
My papaya salad came without the tomatoes that was supposed to come with.
And last, my cocktail needed a bit more splash of vodka.

My husband had the Momokawa Sake Sampler,
 3 choices of Momokawa Sake for just $7.
We recommend that you try the Momokawa Coconut & Lemongrass Sake.
It's smooth, creamy and finishes clean and fruity.
Perfect to our food choice tonight.

My cocktail had the cutest name.

"This Drink Doesn't Wear Mom Jeans"

Grey Goose/Blackberry Simple Syrup/Fresh Squeezed Orange $8
It needed a bit splash of Grey Goose and I would have love to taste more of the blackberries.
This is how the Papaya Salad was supposed to be served.
My Papaya Salad was missing the tomatoes as what the menu had described.
It is not definitely made the traditional way,
 because I was missing the dried shrimp or crab taste to it, and peanuts were not added like the traditional Som Tum.
Overall, it was pleasantly light, spicy, and flavorful despite a few missing ingredients.
Of course, I had to order my favorite.
Eel/avocado/cucumber/sesame seeds/bbq eel sauce
The best Caterpillar Roll I've eaten here in Novi.

My husband wanted to try his favorite Vietnamese Pho
He was pleased with it but said it is not as flavorful as the Pho he frequents at 20 miles away from were we live.
It is good enough to save a trip.

The Thai Filet Mignon Curry "Pa Nang"
DELICIOUS!!! An explosion of flavor.
I love Thai food, and have eaten in a lot of Thai restaurants around the area,
 and this by far is the best in Michigan.
I was so excited to taste it, that I forgot to take a photo.
Just a warning, it is Spicy!
You can ask for a milder Pa nang if you don't like spicy dishes.
It is perfect with steamed rice.

This review is just about our dining experience tonight.

I would definitely go back and try the other dishes they offer,
 and I will let you know if there had been some changes on my next dining experience with Genji.



  1. Looks incredible! Happy late Anniversary!
    Hope all is well friend

    1. Hey there stranger!
      Haven't seen you here for a while.
      Glad you stopped by.
      Hope is well with you too.


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