Saturday, January 5, 2013

Reusing Plastic Apple Containers from Costco

We love apples in my home.
We love biting into
that crunchy sweet juicy fruit.  
I also use it for pancakes, pies, turnovers, fritters and salads.
We go through a lot of apples.
Today, I had a Lightbulb moment
while I was emptying my apples from the protective plastic containers it came with from Costco.
We normally just put the plastic container in our recycling bin.

"Hmmm,This would be a great to hold the cupcakes
 I'm taking to my our son's school this week." I told my husband.
And reminded me that I already have a real cupcake transporter.
Well, I said it would still be great to put cupcakes in it when you have to take it to a friends house and not worry about leaving the container.
While transferring the apples to our fruit basket I glanced
at my still up Christmas Tree.
And I looked at the size of the individual holders,
it's perfect for my christmas ornaments.
I'm sure I'm not the first person who have thought of this,
but hey I did today.
And while I'm at it, this would be great as an accessories organizer in my drawer.


Other uses for the container:
1. Hair Accesories Holder
2. Costume Jewelry Organizer
3. Panna Cotta Mold - cut individually, pour panna cotta and chill. 
4. Cupcake Transporter
5. Chocolate Bowl Mold
Do you have any more awesome ideas for reusing this apple plastic container?


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