Sunday, January 20, 2013

Organizing my Gift Wrapping Mess


This post has nothing to do with traveling and food,
but most definitely for my sanity.

Do you still have those wrapping paper, gift bags and tissues lying around from the holidays?
Well, I do!
I can never find my gift wrapping items in one place.
I tend to just hide them in place where it's convenient for me at the time.
Some are in the garage in between storage boxes, in my closet, in the kids closet, in our storage room, in the coat closet, name every room and I think I have one stashed in there.

Here's what I've learned using things already in our closet to organize this suckers.

#1 Hang those gift bags in a HANGER. I manage to hang up to 12 gift bags on 1 hanger.

#2 Hang gift wrapping Tissues on a skirt/trouser hanger.
    Just clip them on.

#3 Using TROUSER HANGERS. Here's another great idea from Home Depot to organize all those messy ribbons tangled in a box.


#4 Use a FRONT ZIP GARMENT BAG, we all have this in our closets. It is a perfect to storage for all your gift wrap rolls. Just label the outside what occassion it is for.
If you have a clear garment bag, the better, so it is easy to see what gift wrappers are in it.

I also have an extra under-the-bed plastic bin, also another perfect storage bin for those gift wrappers.

So there, gift wrapping mess ORGANIZED!
And it only took a 5 inch space in my coat closet.

Do you have any organizing ideas?
Share it with us.

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