Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

Woke up to a gloomy gray sky today.
Our city is bracing for it's first significant snowfall.
At noon with my daughter in tow,
drove to the mall to join the hustle and bustle of the After-Christmas shoppers.
I must be out of my mind driving in this weather
just to save a few dollars.
Hundreds of snow covered cars filled the entire parking lot,
snow was starting to blow hard.
Thank goodness for Valet parking.
My head was starting to ache,
I was starting to feel clausthrophobic inside the mall with hundreds of shoppers entering every store I go to.
It's time to go home I told to my daughter, and she willingly left with me.
As we approached the Valet desk,
 a view of fresh crisp white snow was blanketing everything outside.
I tipped the valet a little extra today,
the poor man was cold and wet.
As I was driving back to our house,
30mph slower than normal,
suddenly the white car in front of me slid off the road,
turning in circles in the middle of the intersection.
I was lucky that no car was on the right lane,
I quickly steered  my SUV to the right and turned right on the corner.
Luckily managed to avoid hitting the white car in front of me,
 I slowly put pressure on the brakes and manage to stop my car
from hitting other cars. 
Whoever thought of the 4WD and the brakes ... thank you!
You save my life and my daughter's.
Back home,
from my living room window,  
I was watching the large flakes of snow falling faster and faster,
paranoid me kicked in.
To quiet my fear, 
I found myself checking the pantry and garage for supplies
just in case this turns into a blizzard,
and we find ourselves imprisoned in our own homes for days
without electricity and heat.
Crazy right?
I'm just delighted my husband is off from work until the 2nd day of the New year.
Anxiously, I jotted down the must haves checklist.
  1. Batteries
  2. Bbq grill's propane tank still full
  3. Butane for my single stove
  4. Blankets & coats (dry & clean)
  5. Dry socks
  6. Food in the freezer
  7. Pantry has enough groceries to feed us for weeks
  8. Bottled Water
We won't die from hunger and cold.
Slowly darkness overtakes,
you can hear the whirling drifts of snow outside,
everything on the ground concealed by the white cold wet frozen powder.
It's beautiful to look at.
But yet the fear that a blizzard will actually hit our city
and leave us in cold darkness is still at the back of my paranoid mind.
Ahhhh ... enough of this crazy paranoia!
It surely shows that I have never lived in the snow long enough.
Hey, there's no snow in Los Angeles.
So you have to understand my paranoia.
I need to start supper.
Spaghetti the children yelled.
Off to the ice box, took out the container filled with red sauce.
Then boil pasta.
Found some lettuce for the salad,
dinner's almost complete.
But wait,
what would we have for dessert?
Hot chocolate would be perfect for this oh so snowy night.
Off to the pantry again,
found some Mexican chocolate,
 the reason for reposting this recipe.


Cold days or nights ... calls for a warm drink.
A decadent steamy spiced chocolate drink, will do.

Not a cup of chocolate drink made from Hershey cocoa, but a hot chocolate drink from a good mexican chocolate made from roasted and ground cacao nibs,
 with cinnamon and sugar.
This drink will surely brighten any cloudy day!!!




Like any chocolate lover, I love a rich and creamy steamy cup of hot chocolate drink, so in this recipe I added a good quality unsweetened cocoa powder and heavy cream. And added whipped topping for extra, extra creaminess.


Serves: 4
2 cups whole milk
1/4 cup heavy cream
4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/8 tsp - 1/4 tsp of chili powder or cayenne (adjust to your liking)
pinch of salt

1 disk of Mexican sweet chocolate, chopped

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  • Pour milk in a medium saucepan, add the cocoa powder and salt, whisk constantly until it comes to a full boil.
  • Add the heavy cream and the chopped Mexican chocolate, whisk gently until chocolate is completely melted.
  • Add cayenne or chili powder, whisk until blended.
  • Remove from heat and transfer to a cup. Add whipped topping before serving. And garnish with chocolate shavings.

  • I like my hot chocolate creamy so I made this with heavy cream and milk, you can omit the heavy cream if so desired.
  • For a smoother consistency, you can use an immersion blender or simply place the strainer over a large bowl, line with cheese cloth and pour hot chocolate, strain the lumps out through cheese cloth to ensure a smooth hot chocolate drink.

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  1. Silly Angeleno!!! LOL!
    You are too funny.
    I'm glad you and your daughter are okay.
    Gosh, the only yummy hot chocolate I have ever had is the one I actually get from a restaurant down the street.
    This looks fabulous!


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