Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Brightening Mom's Day Everyday

My husband knows how I love Orchids,
so everytime there is an occassion there is only one flower
that will brighten my day,
the elegant blooms of Orchids.
Orchids liven our house besides a few houseplants I have.
I like having one in the living room, and the bedroom.
Summer time we get loads of Orchids
at our local Kroger (Ralph's to Californians) grocery stores.
I always treat myself and get potted orchids.
It is so darn cheap during the summer time
and they last longer for you to enjoy, roughly about 3 months.
To make a statement on my living or dining room table,
I transfer my orchids to a planter. 
When you transfer your orchids,
make sure the roots are exposed to sunlight and air.
I had these planters for years,
and been sitting on one corner of our garage.
These planters were filled with beautiful flowers from my previous employer
Alan Singer, President and CEO of Hollywood Center Studios.
One of my most favorite employers ever.
Very nice, smart, generous, and a well respected man.
Alan's niece had a big birthday party at his gorgeous home
overlooking the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles,
after the party, instead of discarding the beautiful flowers,
Alan and girlfriend offered to give the flowers to me
knowing that my daughter was having her big 3 year old party the next day.
It was perfect for her Cinderella party.
Our house were filled with gorgeous and fragrant flower.
Cinderella and Princess Aurora who came to grace the party
 were pretty amazed with all the flowers themselves.
Back to the orchids!
I transferred it to the large planter,
I kept the orchids in plastic container it came with, 
so it is easy to take out for watering.

Placed the plastic container  in the middle of the planter,
surround it with more orchid bark to keep it in place.
I topped it with the moss growing from my yard.
Added some pebbles for decorative purposes.
A gorgeous arrangement that will cost you about $50-$100
depending on what city you live in.
My cost $15.47.
Orchids was $10.59 plus tax and $ 4.88 for the orchids bark.
A gorgeous inexpensive arrangement to give to friends or to yourself!
  • Water your orchids once a week and let water completely drain out.
  • Mist your moss 2-3x a week so it doesn't dry out and die.
  • For more on Orchid care -> My Orchid Care


  1. I was recently given an orchid as a housewarming present, so I could really do with a post like this! I've been looking for help!

    1. Glad I can help Emma!
      Enjoy those gorgeous blooms. :)


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