Monday, September 17, 2012

Beefy BBQ Meatloaf


When the weather starts to get cooler,
I get the
cravings for comfort food.
One comfort craving I have that everyone loves
to eat for dinner is meatloaf.
A dish I think you can never go wrong in serving to just about anyone.
I love making this no fuss beefy bbq meatloaf.
It is an easy, throw it all in the bowl recipe. 
I pair it with
my kids favorite side, boiled yukon gold potatoes
my favorite caesar salad.

My craving for my Beefy Bbq meatloaf is perfect for another
busy school night.
Because really ... who wants to be in the kitchen
after a full day of activities.
I'm no June Cleaver
and even Martha Stewart gets her hair ruffled sometimes.
And if there's any leftover left,
a it'll be a perfect meatloaf sandwich the next day
for my husband and daughter to take to work and school.


1 lb angus lean ground beef
2 lbs 85/15% lean ground beef
1 large onion, chopped
1/2 green bell pepper, chopped
1/2 red bell pepper, chopped
1/4 cup chopped parsley
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 large egg, beaten
2 tbsp catsup
3 tbsp bbq sauce
2 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp freshly ground pepper
BBq sauce to top


  • Preheat oven at 350 F degrees.

  • In a large bowl, add all ingredients and mix well by hand. Avoid mashing or squeezing the meat, this will make the meatloaf dense.
  • Free form into 2 large loaves or 4-6 mini individual loaves.
  • For the 2 Large loaves, bake for 1 hour. Spread Bbq sauce on top of meatloaf, bake for another 5 minutes.
  • For the Mini loaves, bake for 40 minutes. Spread Bbq sauce on top of meatloaf, bake for another 5 minutes.
  • Or bake until internal temperature reaches 155 F degrees.
  • Serve hot.


  1. Yes, I crave comfort food also! Come join us tomorrow for our Foodie Friends linky party! Love all your photos!

    1. Lois,
      I just saw all these comments here.
      It must have been a very busy week when I posted this.
      I would love to join the Foodie Freinds Linky party.

  2. What a nice recipe. The meatloaf looks wonderful and I'll wager it is delicious. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

    1. Thanks Mary!
      I'm off to your blog now and see what's new.

  3. This looks so good! And perfect for my hubby. Going to try it soon!

    1. Thanks Kenda!
      Let me know what your hubby thinks.
      I am trying your tomato soup as well.
      Looks great!


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