Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Avocado, Coconut and Mango Ice Candy

I always want my children to not only learn
but to experience everything about their Filipino culture
even if they live 8,226 miles away.

So I introduce them to things I love to do and eat growing up.
And one of these things are street food.

Ice Candy
is a filipino fruit Ice Pop.
Made with fruit, evaporated milk, water, and sugar
in an ice candy plastic bag
Just that simple.


In the Philippines
there are vendors that go around the neighborhood yelling
 what they are peddling.

One of my dearest memory growing up are our vacations in Manila, 
my siblings and I would always get excited when we hear vendors yell
what they sell.
Early morning you'll hear someone yelling "TAHO!!!!"
Taho is tofu in brown sugar syrup with boba ( large tapiocas).
Always serve warm, it's a breakfast treat for Filipinos.

Around afternoon, you'll hear mostly kids yelling,
Carrying a Styrofoam ice chest filled with ice candy on their shoulders.
Walking, and yelling around the neighborhood selling
the frozen treat.
When I was alot younger, about 3 decades ago ;)
 Ice candy was sold for 25 cents a piece.
They don't make much money from it,
but for these poor kids selling it,
it's money to put food on their table.

It's a treat a filipino child loves
whether it's hot or a cool day.
Some say,
 the one sold on the streets are not sanitary,
but as a child, we really didn't care.
Our Mom or our help would make it at home
but it is never the same as the one we buy from the vendors.

The coconut ice candy
 is made out of shredded young coconut with it's coconut juice, milk and sugar.

For summer parties,
 it is always great to make the adults an adult version of the ice candy,
by filling your ice candy bags with everyones favorite cocktail drinks.
We can't leave out the adults now, can we???  ;)

This last photo,
 are the ice candies my childhood friend Christine made.
As you can see her avocado ice candy looks much better than the one I made.
You can see the beautiful color of the avocado.
She made hers by just mashing her avocados instead of
blending all the ingredients in a blender. 


  1. These sound fabulous! What an awesome treat for the kids!

  2. haha i am eating mango ice candy i got in the store by my place

  3. Hi Gghie! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love visiting Filipino blogs because I get to see the food that I miss. I used to eat a lot of ice candy and I can't remember a flavour that I didn't like. The ones you've made are really perfect for summer.

  4. Hi Ghie! I love these iced candy flavors you made! Aren't these just the easiest way to make snacks and desserts for the family? Thanks for visiting my blog and your kindest comments. I love your recipes, here, too. Wish all of us lived closer, it would be one great big potluck of Filipino food! Cheers!


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