Sunday, August 5, 2012

2012 Vacation - Vineyards and Sleeping Bear Dunes

Visited the Old Mission Peninsula at Traverse,
we chose to do see this side of Traverse, 
because of the seven fabulous vineyards of Michigan,
and the Old Mission Point Lighthouse.

Famished, our first stop is lunch at The Boathouse

Husband and daughter checking out the menu and decided they both like what the restaurant offers.

Alas! A restaurant that we all enjoyed throughout this trip.
Even my 3 year old loved what he had.
As soon as you come in the restaurant,
you are welcomed by a warm smile.
You are made comfortable and welcomed by the staff.
Anywhere you sit, with it's wide windows,
you get a beautiful view of the bay and the dock.

The decor is not pretentious.
An exquisite country cottage decor,
with it's crisp, fresh and an easy to the eye color on the walls.
The beautiful tree branch chandelier added
the warm and comfort feel as soon as you walk in.

It's not so hard to please me, and my palate,
just serve me food made from fresh ingredients
with lots of flavor that make sense.
I know it sounds a bit silly,
but I always, always order caesar salad for starters 
when I first come to a restaurant.
If you can't make a proper caesar salad,
it tells me that the food serve next will not be to my liking.
I'm always right.
And yes I had Caesar salad, and it was good.

The Food
was excellent!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I love crabs.
I grew up eating it,
and sometimes I have it for breakfast!
Yes, with rice,
 and my soy sauce and spicy vinegar sauce!!!
So of course,
I had to try the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich.
Made with fresh ingredients chosen with care.

The flavor was simply delicious, simply indulgent and simply delightful.

The vegetables and fruits served at The Boathouse
came fresh from the farm to your table.

But of course, my islander taste buds
always look for the sour pucker on my food.
So I had to ask for lemon, to squeeze on my crab,
it adds a nice hit of acid to the sweet of the crab.

And my husband can say the same with his Cheddar Bacon burger,
made with Michigan aged cheese,
country smoked bacon, and the delicious blackberry merlot barbeque sauce with onion rings.
He devoured everything.
Not even a crumb left on his plate.
The food portions will definitely fill you. 
My husband left with a very contented puffed up belly. ;)
Next time we visit, we'll come for dinner,
 and will try to meet the chef,
if he's not too busy in the kitchen.
After that scrumptious meal,
we needed to burn off some fat.
Off we went to stroll the vineyards!

Walking the vineyard at Chateau Chantal

After visiting the lighthouse,
we decided to go climb the dunes at Glen Arbor.
It was a perfect day for climbing it,
it rained most of the day at Glen Arbor,
and of course the rain had just stop a couple of hours before we got there.
We all know climbing in sand takes a lot of effort, 
it is always easy to walk on the sand after the rain,
the rain packs down the outer layer.

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore,
was voted the "Most Beautiful Place in America"  at Good Morning America .

The panoramic view was fabulous!

Crystal Clear Waters of Traverse Bay

I hope I have given you some ideas
on where and what activities to do with your family when you
visit this beautiful place. 
On our next visit, we will visit and explore Northport,
and see why Iron Chef Mario Batali
is crazy about this area.


  1. Looks BEAUTIFUL - definitely a 'must visit' place on my list now!

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice photos. Looks like a wonderful vacation! I wasn't aware there were vineyards in Michigan.

    1. I didn't know either until we moved here from California.
      It's no Napa but there's actually some great wines from here.
      They make great Riesling in Michigan.


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