Saturday, June 9, 2012

Grocery Bag Holder made from Clorox Wipes Dispenser

Are you as crazy as I am with germs, salmonella poisoning, or just plain OCD?
Yes, I admit I can go bananas sometimes with germs and it drives my hubby and children crazy.
I'm the person who cleans the bathroom everyday, who will bring disinfecting wipes everywhere, will buy my own toilet seat cover and take it everywhere with me,
and let's not forget ... bring a basket full of cleaning supplies at camping.
And clean the campground's shower and toilet before using it.
Just ask my Aunt Marj.

So in my household, we keep a bunch of Disinfecting Wipes. Lot's of it!!!

We recycle at home too. One thing my hubby is passionate about.
I  ... ummm ... not so much. But I do try. If he's not around, some disgusting stuff
goes straight to the trash bin unwashed. Not in his recycle bin.
Like I said I don't like dirty.

So here's my contribution to the slogan Reduce, Re-use and Recycle!
With the help of my husband as my Photo model here it is.

Do you have Clutter of Grocery bags under the sink?


Now keep one under the sink in each bathroom, kitchen, or one in the car.
We all know if you have kids what trash we pull out of cars by the end of the week,
and if you have infants and tots with diapers, Pheeyeeww! I'm not not going there!
And summer season is almost here, with wet swimming suits from the beach, this comes handy.

I have run out of Mod Podge so I will be updating this post as soon as get one.
I use Mod Podge to paint on to fabric to cover the dispenser. Just an aesthetic thing for company.
If you don't care, you don't really need to cover it with fabric, you can use a scrapbook paper (the problem with this is it gets easily wet),
or you can omit covering it!

Now if you are not Disinfecting Wipes crazy like me, but have diaper wipes dispensers lying around, you can use that to make a grocery dispenser as well.


  1. That's a great idea! We now have to purchase our plastic bags for 5 cents in Toronto in order to encourage using your own tote, however, I am guilty of forgetting my tote at home from time to time. What a great idea for compacting plastic bags that can be stored in our trunks and brought into the grocery store. ~ You never know how many bags you need to take into the grocers, so this should cover a big shopping load.

    1. Thanks!
      I'm guilty as well!
      That's why I keep a bunch in my trunk too!


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