Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mango Sorbet


Besides the Pineapple and Sour Sop, Mango is one of my favorite fruits.
Growing up in the Tropics there are an array of sweet, tangy juicy fruits to choose from.
It's not just all coconuts in the islands.
Summer is almost here and nothing more refreshing in a lazy afternoon by the pool but a refreshing mango sorbet. You can spike it up if you want and add more vodka than what the recipe calls for.
I usually like Philippine Mangoes or Champagne mangoes, it has less fibers.
You can use the green mango if this is the only thing available in the market.
Like what I used here in this recipe.
I would avoid using Red mangoes since it has more fibers and not really great for a smooth sorbet.
No one likes eating a sorbet full of fibers.
I use mango juice, I have tried the recipes that calls for simple syrup and they always come out too sweet to my taste. I added a tablespoon of vodka to avoid crystalization.

Have fun making it and enjoy the summer heat!!!


3-4 Large Mangoes, pitted and cut in chunks
1 tbsp lime/lemon juice
1 cup Mango juice
1/4 cup of sugar (optional)
1 tbsp Vodka (optional)

  • Pour Mango juice in blender or food processor, add sugar, vodka and mango chunks.
  • Puree until smooth. Chill in the fridge for an hour.
  • Transfer mixture in an Ice Cream maker. Let it churn for 30 mins. until it thickens
  • Scoop out and transfer to a freezer safe airtight container. Freeze for 6 hrs. or overnight.
  • Scoop to a dessert glass or bowl and garnish with mint leaves.

  • You can find Mango juice in the Asian or Latin Aisle of your grocery store or any health food stores.
  • I use Vodka to help avoid crystalization.
  • Adding 1/4 cup sugar helps avoid crystalization as well. If you feel the mango juice added to the mixture is sweet enough you do not have to add sugar.


  1. This sorbet looks amazing! So refreshing and yummy. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. I can't wait to see what you link up next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Yummy! Thanks for making it seem so simple to make.

  3. Thanks for stopping buy Jojo and Michelle. I'm so happy you took the time and dropped me a note.
    I am currently working on some more easy recipes. As you know I'm a no fuss cook.
    I don't like long recipes and measuring. So bare with me and I will have more coming! :)


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