Thursday, May 3, 2012

HamTurk Tosta with Pesto

HamTurk Tosta with Pesto

What a beautiful sunny day today!!!
Spent most of the morning with my Little Taz out today. He has so much energy, and we have to release all that by running around and playing outside.
The poor family of geese got chased out of the pond.
Had a little picnic at the backyard, made myself and Taz a HamTurk Tosta with Pesto.
And some Pink Lemonade to quench our thirst.

Started planting my herbs and tomatoes in a tiny garden bed I made at the back of the house. 
Of course Taz helped ... helped me wreck my garden bed!!!
Now I need to go run and get more herbs at the nursery. I need to get cilantro, sage, lemon grass, chives, etc. I have my rosemary growing in a pot, I take it indoors on winter months and keep it next to the window.


1 Torta Bread (La Brea Bakery)
2 thinly sliced Maple Glazed Ham (Boar's Head)
4 thinly sliced Oven Roasted Turkey (Boar's Head)
2 thinly sliced Provolone cheese
3 slices tomatoes
1 tbsp Pesto sauce
Butter or Green Leaf Lettuce


This sandwich is best when toasted in a panini maker. If you don't have it you can always use a stovetop grill pan. Drizzle a bit of olive oil on the bread and grill toast.


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