Thursday, March 1, 2012


15 days ago I started my blog. Today The Red Apron have 1000 views. This may seem like a very small number to all you who have been blogging for a long time and have tens of thousands of hits, but blogging for just 2 weeks, and getting 1000 hits means so much to me!
Thank you to all who gave time to view my blog.

Mango Strawberry Caipirinha
see Thirst Quenchers for recipe

I hope I'll be able to help those who are struggling in the kitchen just like I was a few years ago.
I know how busy we all are, and I hope The Red Apron helps you ease that busy day by making cooking easy in the kitchen with our quick & easy recipes.

Thank you to my friends and family who are always asking me for recipes, and my sister-in-law Jenny who has been blogging , in convincing me to blog.
Despite the hesitation at first, now I find myself putting aside time everyday in the kitchen, testing and experimenting recipe finds. And of course, I absolutely love tasting and discovering everyone else’s recipe.
Although, I don't like measuring, I find the challenge of measuring for the recipes I write rewarding when I find the right balance of tastes and flavors.

I’m so much more inspired!

Thank you again Everyone!!!

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  1. Congratulations!!! Keep the yummies coming! How about the recipe for this good looking thirst quendching drink.


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