Thursday, February 23, 2012

PUTO Mamon

I know, I know, I know!
My Latino friends always give me a look of shock everytime I tell them the name of this muffin.But always, after they taste it, they forget about the Spanish definition of the puto, and they all walk around chanting "I want more Puto!" ;) 

Puto is a kind of steamed rice cake/muffin in Philippine cuisine.
I grew up eating this steamed rice muffin.

You'll disappoint a lot of kids if this is not serve at the party.

There's different kinds of Puto.
  • Puto Bumbong - Traditionally made from a special variety of heirloom sticky or glutinous rice called Pirurutong which has a distinctly purple color, soaked in salted water and dried overnight and then poured into bumbong or bamboo tubes and then steamed until done or steam rises out of the bamboo tubes. It is served topped with butter or margarine and shredded coconut mixed with sugar. It is commonly eaten during Christmas season in the Philippines along with bibingka, another type of rice cake.
  • Puto Lanson - Puto found in Iloilo which is made of grated cassava, and is foamy when cooked.
  • Puto Manapla - A variant of puto that is cooked specifically with Saba banana leaves underneath for the flavor.
  • Puto Maya - A puto mixture of glutinous violet rice (called tapol) soaked in water, drained and then poured into a steamer to steam for 30 minutes. This rice mixture is then combined with coconut milk, salt, sugar and ginger juice and placed back into the steamer for another 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Puto-Pao - A combination of siopao (meat-filled dumpling) and puto. It uses the traditional puto recipe but incorporates a meat filling.
  • Puto Mamon - A puto mixture that does not include rice but flour and combines egg yolk, salt and sugar. One mixture of milk and water and another of flour are alternately mixed into the yolk mixture. (On some recipes Egg whites are beaten and folded in before the mixture is poured into muffin cups and steamed for 15-20 min.)
I'll be sharing my Semi-homemade version of Puto Mamon, especially to my friends who loves to eat but does not like to spend so much time in the kitchen.
And besides, I can't share Dulceria Maria's secret recipe for the puto.
But this is just as good!


I box Puto Mix ( 2 packages)
2 cups water
1 can evaporated milk
1 cup sugar
10 tsp. melted butter
6 egg yolk
You will need a Steamer and Puto molds. .

If you don't have the puto molds you can use   the individual silicone cupcake molds. You can find this at the baking aisle of any retail stores.
 photo by: kaboodles                          


Start boiling the water in the steamer.
In a medium size mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar, then add the egg yolks.
Add the evaporated milk, blend well.
Slowly add the puto mix, alternating with the water.
Mix until smooth.
Pour into puto molds about 3/4 full.
Steam for 25 minutes.
Puto is cooked when surface id shiny and bounces back when pressed.

Let it cool. Take out of the mold and Enjoy!

Kids love different colors on puto.
You can easily do this by mixing food color on your mixture.
Or by mixing ube and pandan flavor on your mixture.

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