Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dulceria Maria is busy during the Holiday months. I was able to to make this despite being busy, this Charity Event was right after Thanksgiving. And I was very thankful it was calm in my kitchen when I started making this.
One thing I'm going to do next time is I will use toothpicks to hold the puffs.
Because of the heat in the room from the heater, body heat and lights, it held up until it was dessert time. About 4 hrs. Not bad!
After dinner and the fashion show, there was a mini concert. We went to a different room to hear the singer and when we came back for desserts, the Croquembouche's caramel melted and the puffs were all over the cakestand.
Imagine the horror in my face. My work! The burns on my fingers from the hot caramel! The backaches!
Now I know why Martha Stewart made hers smaller.
But hey, mine looks better and we still ate it and it was delicious!!!

                                                                                   photo taken with iphone4s

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