The culprit of all cravings, the reason for my muffin top.
The reason why my husband has gained the unwanted pounds 
since he married me.
Everyone has sugar cravings.
We just need to learn how to manage this pesky sugar craving.
Everything in moderation they say.
Besides my husband, I only have strong desires for sugar. :)


Extremely Chocolatey
Chocolate Rice Krispies Bites


No Fire Needed S'mores
No Fire Needed S'mores

Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake


White Cocolate Panna cotta with summer Berries

Pastillas de Nangka/ Pastillas de leche con Jackfruit

No Bake Mango Custard Tart

Just Like Porto's Cheese Rolls

spiced mexican hot chocolate

Food for the Gods

espresso panna cotta

raspberry lemon no bake cheesecake


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